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How to View Room Scheduling in Abell Library

1. Open your Outlook

2. Go to Calendar view

3. Go to Folders – on a PC, it may show in the bottom left menu in Outlook, or you might have to click on the dot dot dot you see in the bottom menu in order to select Folders.

4. In Folders on a PC, scroll down in the left-hand-side pane until you see Public Folders. Expand that. Expand the Abell Library folder. You will see the rooms under it. Right click on each room for which you are interested and select “Add to favorites.” This will add that room calendar to your Calendar view in Outlook so you can check the room scheduling. Do not worry about crowding in your calendar views. When you do not want to see the room scheduling calendars, just uncheck them to hide them. See the first screenshot below.

     On a Mac, click the calendar icon at the bottom, and then in the top menu click on Tools, and just under that select Public Folders. See the second screenshot below.

5. For more information, please contact the Help Desk, x2063

Screenshot 1: Outlook on PC

Adding Calendars in Outlook

Screenshot 2: Outlook on Mac

Add Calendar to Outlook on a Mac

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