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Peer Research Assistants are AC students who are trained to help you locate sources for your research projects.



Spring 2019 Hours

Stop by the Research Help Desk (1st floor of the library) to get hands-on assistance from a fellow student who can help you in navigating our catalog and library databases to find sources such as books, scholarly journal articles, articles from magazines and newspapers, etc.


No appointment is necessary; walk-ups are encouraged!

Mon-Thu | 1:00-10:00 pm

Fri | 1:00-5:00 pm

Sun | 6:00-10:00 pm

Hours are subject to change, and will follow the library's typical holiday schedule.

Erin B.

Erin Bobbitt

Erin Bobbitt | Sophomore 

I consider myself a very optimistic and friendly person who just absolutely loves helping other people. As a student I am motivated by a goal of success as well as a general love for learning and experiencing new things. Having spent my high school years in advanced history and literature classes, I am familiar with research and the complications of traversing school databases for credible sources. I also spent my senior year as a library aid where I was required to know how to navigate the databases in order to assist any other students who may need help with them. As a Peer Research Assistant, I am both able to help people as well as provide a less intimidating, more approachable space for those who may normally be too shy or hesitant to ask for help. I am a currently a CL, and thus am familiar with helping others to improve, and want to provide a hand in making college life that much easier.

Holly H.

Holly Humphries

Holly Humphries | Junior 

Hi, I'm Holly and I am a junior here at Austin College, with majors in psychology and public health. I am also a member of Alpha Phi Omega, which is a national service fraternity. I have a profound love for learning and science, which motivates me to be better as a student. I have done some research here at AC, mostly in the psychology department. I love to learn new things, so research is enjoyable to me. It can be hard sometimes because I love neuroscience, which is a rapidly changing field; sometimes there are conflicting articles, which makes it hard to decide which ones to use as sources in research papers. It helps working with others because I have learned tricks to see which articles have better methods. My love for community service ties in well with being a Peer Research Assistant: I get to help people find research, which provides support for better papers and, hopefully, better grades. The thing I enjoy most about this role is that I get to help others while also getting my own homework done, allowing me to do everything I want to do.

Bela M.

Bela Mahtabfar

Bela Mahtabfar | Sophomore 

Hello everyone! My name is Bela Mahtabfar and I am a sophomore here at Austin College. My major is currently undecided, but I am a pre-med student and I am planning on becoming a pediatrician. I have been a Peer Research Assistant for about a year now, and I like to believe I am a technologically savvy student! But then again, there are occasions someone asks me something I don't know and I get stumped. I love this job because not only is it conveniently located in the quiet library where I can get some studying done (haha), but I also get to help fellow students! Helping you all find something specific you need for a research paper/assignment/class is lots of fun and very rewarding for the both of us. Everything you do in life is a learning process, and again, I am still learning the quirks of the job. Please feel free to ask any research questions and I will help you as best as I can. I look forward to meeting with my fellow 'Roos!

Andrea M.

Andrea Montiel

Andrea Montiel | Sophomore 

Hi, I'm Andrea, a sophomore intending to major in Psychology and Spanish, and minor in Education. As someone who wants to be a teacher, I enjoy helping others and don't mind questions. I've had experience with researching from databases during high school and my freshman year here, so you might as well call me an expert! In all honesty though, having solid research articles can make an essay so much easier to write. So, if you're ever having trouble, don't be afraid to stop by the Research Desk. We are here to help!

Aimi H.

Aimi Hardy

Aimi Hardy | Senior 

My name is Aimi, and I work as a Peer Research Assistant. Being a triple major in psychology, math, and gender studies keeps me busy, but I stay motivated because I love the subject material of all my majors. I have a lot of experience with research -- I did the Sciences Summer Research program in 2017 and 2018 in mathematics, wrote an honors thesis in math during my junior year, and am currently working on an honors thesis in psychology. I think the most challenging part of research is finding the right sources -- there are so many out there, and sometimes it's hard to narrow them down. Even though this aspect can be frustrating, it has helped me learn more about the nuances of searching within databases. Being a Peer Research Assistant is great because I can help other students learn these nuances so they don't have to struggle on their own.

Josyah M.

Josyah Morrison

Josyah Morrison | Sophomore 

I find my motivation for school mostly placed in goals I set for myself. Most of these goals are harder to reach, with the roadmap for how to get there coming naturally as a result of the establishment of the goals.

I enjoy doing peer research because it allows me to help others and give them the opportunity to push themselves academically, achieving goals they've set through classwork and generally over their collegiate career. It allows me to give those who seek out help an opportunity to do the best they possibly can.

I'm a computer science major, proficient in at least five different languages of code.

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