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  • A KEYWORD search is the broadest type of search; it looks for your search term(s) anywhere in an item record.
  • A TITLE search limits your query to find materials by title; preface your search with TI: to specify the title field only.
  • An AUTHOR search limits your query to find materials by author; preface your search with AU: to specify the author field only.
  • A SUBJECT search limits your query to find materials by subject; preface your search with SU: to specify the subject fields only. (Note: it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with some appropriate subject headings relevant to your topic BEFORE attempting to use this strategy. Refer to the Library of Congress Subject Headings for help locating subject headings.

Find articles across a multitude of disciplines by searching over 70 of our subscription databases simultaneously.

NOTE: This resource only searches within our EBSCO databases. For a more comprehensive search of all our electronic resources and to verify article access, search by journal title using Journal Finder (the 'Journals' tab above) before submitting an ILL request. Thanks!

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Peabody Sisters : three women who ignited American romanticism
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