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A variety of services are available to Austin College's faculty, including: 

Please contact the appropriate library personnel with questions regarding any of these services.

Library Syllabus Statement

Let your students know that the library is here to help! Feel free to use the Syllabus Statement below in any of your course materials (syllabi, Moodle sites, assignment handouts, etc.).

Abell Library is here to help you find the resources you need to succeed! Visit us online at or whenever we are open to discover a wealth of scholarly articles and books, DVDs, and more. Access librarians via email, Zoom, or just call us for personal assistance. A variety of study spaces and technology are also available. (The Extended Study Area is available 24/7 throughout the year with valid AC ID.) Regular Semester Hours: Mon-Thu 7:45am-11pm; Fri 7:45am-6pm; Sat 1pm-6pm; Sun 1pm-9pm. Phone: 903-813-2236 / Email:

Library Instruction

Not sure what we can teach your students? A librarian can visit your class to provide instruction on a variety of topics, ranging from accessing library resources and exploring advanced search techniques, to more in-depth discussion and analysis of information sources and their usefulness and/or appropriateness. Review the Library Instruction Menu for an array of options.

Depending on your course/assignment and the desired learning outcomes, you may find everything you need on the Library Instruction page. However, the menu options and additional content listed are not exhaustive, so if there are other resources or topics you would like addressed, we are happy to discuss the options with you.

Access the library instruction request form by clicking the button below to submit your library instruction request, and contact Farren Benvenuti (x2536) with any questions or to customize the library instruction experience for your class!

Course Reserves

You can place books, photocopies, or media (more info below) on reserve for your courses. Please complete the Reserve Request Form to place items from either the library's (or your own personal) collection on reserve. Your students can check out print reserve materials for a specified time (2 hours, 1 day, or 3 days), which you can indicate on the form. Please allow 48 hours for processing materials for the reserve collection (not including weekends). Contact Joyce Aldridge in the Circulation Department for more information. 

You may also wish to review our policies on course reserves, as well as consult our Copyright Policy for information about placing items on reserve.

For further detail on the current U.S. Copyright timetable, please see Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States. This resource is courtesy of Cornell University's Copyright Information Center.

Media Materials

You can check out media materials for classroom use, as well as place these items on reserve. As with books and photocopies, please complete the Reserve Request Form to place items from either the library's (or your own personal) collection on reserve. Students can check out media reserve materials for a specified time (2 hours, 4 hours, or 1 day), which you can indicate on the form. Various types of media can be found in our online catalog by limiting your search to the location “Circulating Media Collection” or “Closed Media Stacks.”

Please allow 48 hours for processing materials for the reserve collection (not including weekends). Contact Joyce Aldridge in the Circulation Department to check out media materials for classroom use and place media materials on reserve. 

NOTE: To schedule Media Equipment, please contact Information Technology at x2063.

Purchasing Materials

Book and media purchase requests may be submitted to Raymie Barker in the library's Acquisitions Department. These requests should be submitted using our Purchase Request Form, but may also be submitted via email, campus mail, or in person. Raymie will inform you and/or your library liaison by email when your selections are available. Likewise, librarians are assigned as liaisons to work with specific academic departments; periodically, lists of highly reviewed materials specific to your discipline will be compiled and shared with your departmental chairs/liaisons for review and selection.

You may also access Choice Reviews Online to read reviews of books you may wish to request for purchase. (Contact Andrew Smith to set up your user account for full access to reviews.)

Please help to create a library collection that will enhance the curriculum and support the assignments for your classes!

Library Liaisons

Make an appointment with any librarian to learn about new research tools available through the library. Librarians will meet with any interested individuals or departments to discuss and demonstrate new library resources pertaining to your discipline and interests.

While any librarian can assist any professor, we do have librarians assigned as liaison to specific department. Please see the list for a breakdown, along with contact information for each librarian.

For reference assistance you may also email us your query. Look for a response from a librarian within 48 hours, excluding weekends.  The librarian will make every attempt to answer your question(s) or refer you to a source to obtain your answer. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

If a database or catalog search reveals that we do not have a book or journal title in our library, please complete and submit the appropriate Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request form for the item (see buttons below). (Note: you will also find ILL Form links available in many databases as well as the catalog.)

  • Allow five to ten days for requested material to arrive from the lending library. Though interlibrary loan is based upon cooperation between institutions, some do charge for loans or for photocopying. The library will usually pay charges for student requests, and for faculty requests we will charge your departmental account.
  • Books borrowed through ILL are held at the circulation desk, while articles are sent to you via email.
  • You will receive a notification via email that your ILL material has arrived and/or is available.
  • Please contact Interlibrary Loan with any questions.
ILL Article Request Form


(use this form for articles AND book chapters)

ILL Book Request Form


(use this form for entire books/monographs)

Document & Book Delivery

We accept requests for on-campus delivery of books, media, or photocopies of journal articles from our collection. In most cases, requests will be delivered to you within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Please submit your request via the Document/Book Delivery Request Form. Contact the Circulation Department for more information.

Room Scheduling

Following is a list of the rooms/spaces available for use in the library. Once you have determined which space will work best for your class or meeting, please contact Maridyth Spore (x2372) in the Registrar's Office (unless otherwise noted) to check for availability and to reserve the room*.

*NOTE: Reservations for the Abell Conference Room (AB 209) and Large Presentation Area are managed by the library; contact the library's Circulation Department via email (or call x2236) to check for availability and reserve those spaces.


Abell Computer Classroom (AB 116)

Location: 1st floor of library, NW corner

Features: instructional computer workstation with overhead projector, projection screen, and secondary large LCD display, student computer workstations, and a white board.

Contact Maridyth Spore via email (or call x2372) to reserve.

Large Presentation Area

Location: 1st floor of library, directly behind the atrium

Features: a versatile, open space with a large LCD display configured for presentations with a laptop, along with comfortable seating for groups of up to 20. Ideal for a small class/seminar, or other special events.

Contact the library's Circulation Department via email (or call x2236) to reserve.

AB 208

Location: 2nd floor of library, to the right of the stairwell

Features: this space features an overhead projector and screen configured for use with a laptop, and a small mobile white board.

(Note: this room is not currently configured for instructional use, as of August 14, 2023.)

Conference Room (AB 209)

Location: 2nd floor of library, to the right of the stairwell

Features: large configurable table that seat up to 12 (along with space for additional seating), and a small stationary white board.

Contact the library's Circulation Department via email (or call x2236) to reserve.

Lecture Classroom (AB 233)            

Location: 2nd floor of library, to the left of the stairwell

Features: instructional computer workstation w/ overhead projector/screen, video playback equipment for Blu-Ray/DVD/VHS, and white boards. 

Contact Maridyth Spore via email (or call x2372) to reserve.

TexShare Library Card

August 7, 2020 Update (from Texas State Library and Archives Commission): The TexShare Card Program will begin re-opening on a voluntary basis on August 15, 2020. Not all libraries will be able to participate fully in the program by that date, and there is no requirement that they do so. (More info at TSLAC.)

Abell Library is a participating member of the TexShare program through the Texas State Library and Archives Commission that extends free reciprocal borrowing privileges to each other's faculty, staff, and students. Each library has specific rules and regulations regarding access to their materials, so check the lending policy of a particular library for policies, hours, and phone numbers before making a trip to that library. More information on the card can be found here.

  • You must have a TexShare Library Card from your home institution BEFORE you are able to borrow materials from other institutions.
  • Apply for a free TexShare Library Card at the Circulation Desk. Faculty cards are valid for one academic year. Student cards are valid for one semester.
  • Locate a library and find out more about their lending policies here.
  • If you have general questions about TexShare Card policies or circulation issues regarding the TexShare Card, contact the Circulation Department.

NOTE: Please see our Other Libraries page for help locating and searching within other libraries throughout Texas.

Photocopy Reimbursement

If you make copies at another library, you can be reimbursed up to $50.00 per semester for these fees. Submit receipts to the College Librarian in care of the library's Circulation Department.

Campus Guide to Copyright

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