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Places to Study

There are spaces throughout the library for various styles of study, whether you are in a group or studying by yourself.


Group Study

Group study rooms are located on the 2nd floor of Abell Library, along the south wall (Rooms 220-225) with one additional room located on the east wall (Room 207). Group study is also encouraged throughout the 1st floor, where there are several locations designed for collaboration. Study room policies are located here.


Quiet Study

The entire 2nd floor of Abell Library is designated as the Quiet Area. Tables sized for individual or small group study can be found here, along with individual study carrels.


Honors Study

Honors study rooms are located on the 2nd floor of Abell Library, along the west wall (Rooms 214-219). These are reserved exclusively for students nominated for and working on Honors Theses/Projects, unless otherwise noted. More information on Honors Student services can be found here.


There are multiple spaces in the library where computers can be accessed. The library has 73 desktop computers running Windows 8 (or later), and which feature a robust variety of software. These computers are open to all current students, faculty, and staff of Austin College. There are 3 additional computers designated for public library catalog access only (2 on 1st floor, 1 on 2nd floor). 


1st Floor/Main Library

  • 4 PCs* - located in Collaborative Study Area (just past the Reference Desk on the left as you enter); *one of these computers features a flatbed scanner for personal use
  • 4 PCs - located between Large Presentation Area and Bound Periodicals
  • 30 PCs** - located in Abell Library Computer Classroom (NW corner, past the Reference Desk and adjacent to Collaborative Study Area); **open lab use available whenever classes are not being held


1st Floor/Extended Study Area 24 hour access with AC ID

  • 10 PCs - Extended Study Area is on 1st floor to the left of the main entrance, adjacent to circulation desk
  • 3 printers - 2 black & white; 1 color
  • 1 copier


2nd Floor

  • 25 PCs* - located in Instructional Computer Classroom (Rm 208); *open lab use available whenever classes are not being held
  • 1 printer - located in Instructional Computer Classroom (Rm 208)



A flatbed scanner is available for use by anyone with AC login credentials. The scanner is connected to one of the desktop PCs located in the Collaborative Study Area on the first floor. (see 1st Floor/Main Library above)


Guest Wi-Fi

Guests may utilize our wireless Internet while in the building. Please inquire at the circulation desk to obtain credentials.

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